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Perfect Pastry

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Perfect Pastry is a line of frozen pastry dough designed to help the home cook whip up sensational sweet and savoury pies, tarts, breakfast goods and appetizers. Our aim is to empower people in the kitchen by offering high quality products that people can cook themselves and take pride in feeding it to their family and friends.


All natural and handmade with the best possible ingredients, Perfect Pastry rolls out and bakes like a dream. Perfect every time.

Perfect Pastry, Cookie Dough and Pie fillings are always made with the best possible ingredients. Locally milled flour, good butter, free range eggs, real vanilla, fair-trade chocolate and local seasonal fruit. All Perfect Pasty products are GMO free with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.


Tracey Pritchard is a former Toronto caterer, food writer, restauranteur and consultant with over 30 years experience in the business. Now living in Stratford, Ontario, Tracey continues her passion for feeding and educating people about good food and how to prepare it.

Tracey firmly believes that:

  • people want to make their own food.

  • pastry making is daunting to the average home cook

  • people would cook with pastry more often if they had a quality product to purchase and a few simple tips and ideas


That's how Perfect Pastry came to be.

© 2017 Perfect Pastry    Designed by   Photographs by Karen Whylie @ and Abby Campbell @abbycampbelldesign

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