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Our menu is designed to take the stress out of hosting- Delicious quality food that is easy to assemble and ready to bake or serve.


At home, we like to set the tone with cocktail shaking, shareable appetizers, conversation and many laughs. Happy entertaining friends, let the fun begin!

Orders can be placed via email, in person or over the phone. Please order by Wednesday Oct 4 at 12:00pm, noon to guarantee availability. 



One dozen served with lemon, horseradish and mignonette 

Shucked $40  |  Unshucked $30


FM Appetizer Platter 

Everything you need for a gorgeous fuss free spread. Serves 6 $60 | Serves 12 $115


Package for 6 includes:

  • Two cheese options, mini saucisson, olives, crackers, FM salmon dip 

Package for 12 includes:

  • Three cheese options, mini saucisson, prosciutto, olives, FM salmon dip, FM spinach and artichoke dip, two boxes of crackers 


Savoury Tart

McIntosh bacon, caramelized onion, roasted butternut squash, blue cheese 



FM Shrimp Cocktail

Poached jumbo shrimp, FM cocktail sauce, lemon wedges, bed of greens 

 $42, 12 pieces 


Puree of butternut squash and ginger soup *contains chicken stock 

$20 per litre


Dino kale, roasted walnut, cranberries, parmigiano, salad with lemon dressing  

$6 per serving

Turkey Pot Pie 

A delicious Thanksgiving meal under puff pastry 



Creamed Greens under Puff 

Seasonal creamed greens and gruyere under puff 


Puff pies both come frozen ready to bake in 8 x 8 pans that serve 4-6 OR we can make it in your own dish!

Dishes need to be delivered in advance and prices will  vary 


Salted Caramel apple Pie $39

Classic Pumpkin Pie $30

FM Cheesecake 9inch $60

Ginger Cookies by the dozen $16



Quiche – Lorraine, Leek and Apple, Spinach and Tomato, Wild mushroom $30

Classic Loaves – Lemon, Banana $20

Pumpkin Loaf with cream cheese icing $25

Apple Coffee Cake $25

Scones – orange cranberry or classic lemon currant $5 each

The shop is stocked with other items ideal for entertaining or enjoying a quiet moment at home. 

  • Cold smoked salmon, cream cheese, pickled onions, capers and bagels

  • Organic local produce 

  • Assorted cheese, crackers, snacks

  • Wine, cider, beer and premium non alcoholic beverages 

  • Seasonal decor and host gifts

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